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Discover the Remote and Remarkable Pacific Isles with these 5 brand-new expeditions.

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New for 2022, Lindblad Expeditions will take you to some of the most remote corners of the Western and South Pacific. While the nautical miles and geographies you’ll explore vary greatly, there are distinct common threads: the fascinating cultures of the diverse people who inhabit these islands; incomparable undersea experiences; jaw-dropping natural beauty; and the thrill of venturing where few ever will. Truly “get lost” in this tropical paradise.


Expedition Highlights

The exploration lore and legend of the South Pacific is among the world’s most romantic. As you venture from west to east, follow the routes of the bold people who populated these islands. Sail in their wake, and learn their stories. You’ll enter a world of visual wonder. Discover a profusion of wildlife—fairy terns, Tahitian petrels, tropicbirds, frigatebirds, and red-footed boobies—plus rare endemic species like the brilliantly hued, white-capped fruit dove in the Marquesas. The islands’ flora, lush and luxurious as a dream, is equally intriguing. Discover enchanting colors and sweet aromas of tropical flowers. Under the sea, a kaleidoscopic world unfurls among pristine, colorful coral reefs.


- Meet the welcoming islanders, hear their stories, and delve into fascinating South Pacific culture, history, art, and archeology

- The list of discoveries in the undersea here is endless—bright blue needlefish, lemonpeel angelfish, schools of vibrant parrotfish, giant clams,
colossal Humphead wrasse, plus sea turtles, gentle manta rays, dolphins, and several species of shark

Explore towering waterfalls and land at shores only accessible by Zodiac

Dive or snorkel some of the world’s most pristine seas and renowned sites, and see even deeper via an ROV

Shoot your best photos ever with help from a National Geographic photographer who provides advice and tips in the field


New for 2022 in the South Pacific

Be sure to ask your advisor for other exciting expeditions.

Rites and Relics15 days

Honiara, Soloman Islands to Lautoka, Fiji | (or reverse) | National Geographic Orion
Explore through the heart of Melanesia to the western edge of Polynesia, from the Solomon Islands to Fiji. Receive warm welcomes in the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu; you’ll be greeted with traditional dances as you land by Zodiac on remote and verdant shores, while a warm smile andBula! greet you on arrival in Fiji. Search for endemic bird species, snorkel and dive stunning reefs and wrecks, and soak up the tranquil beauty of palm-fringed beaches.

Journey Across the Remote Pacific29 days

Keelung, Taiwan to Papeete, Tahiti | National Geographic Resolution
Travel to some of the most far-flung tropical islands in the world, plying the Pacific from the glittering skyscrapers of Taipei to the idyllic shores of Tahiti. Among the wispy atolls of Chuuk and Kiribati, trace the history of war in paradise, exploring the battle sites and shipwrecks of World War II. Encounter a range of remarkable cultures, including the Chamorros of Guam and the handful of residents descended from the first English settler of Palmerston Island. Enjoy leisurely days on turquoise seas, and immerse yourself in a dazzling marine world while snorkeling, kayaking, and diving among pristine reefs.

Under the Southern Cross18 days

Brisbane, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand | (or reverse) | National Geographic Orion
Uncover the tropical beauty and important cultural history of the South Seas. Following in the wake of Captain Cook, we will journey from New Zealand’s North Island to the Solomon Sea. Delve into a fascinating history of intrepid explorers, convicts, and traders, and learn about the rich cultures of the Maori and the Melanesians. Examine traditional carved houses and ancient caves and meet villagers on some of the most remote islands of the South Pacific. Along the way, don your snorkel and fins to discover incredible coral reefs and lagoons.

Reefs, Lagoons & Volcanic Isles16 days

Papeete, Tahiti to Lautoka Fiji | (or reverse) | National Geographic Orion
Uncover the tropical beauty and important cultural history of the South Seas. The archipelagos of the South Pacific have defined our notion of “island paradise” since Robert Louis Stevenson told his tales and Paul Gauguin captured Polynesia in paint. As we sail from Tahiti’s lush volcanic crags to the sparkling white shores of Fiji, discover a fascinating geology and a stunning wealth of bird species and marine life. Dive or snorkel among underwater canyons and tunnels formed from lava. Meet island communities. And explore the far-flung reef systems of the extraordinary archipelagos of the South Pacific.

Tales of the Pacific19 days

Papeete, Tahiti to Easter Island, Chile | National Geographic Resolution
Explore lost civilizations amid paradisiacal, seldom-seen isles. Sailing in the wake of early Polynesian navigators, this Tahiti expedition strikes to the farthest reaches of Oceania. From remote and enigmatic Easter Island to the historically significant Pitcairn Islands through the “low islands” of the Tuamotu Archipelago to Tahiti, you’ll visit islands that are virtually inaccessible and untouched. The voyage begins in one of the most isolated landfalls of Polynesia: Easter Island. See the legendary moai statues up close and hear the leading theories on what happened to the people who created them from top experts. Walk the length of untouched tropical beaches, meet the descendants of H.M.S. Bounty mutineers, and drift dive or snorkel through an atoll pass.

A Lindblad-National Geographic expedition is arguably the most exhilarating overseas adventure experience a person can have. Nothing else comes close to approximating its authenticity and all-five-senses engagement. We offer you the world’s ultimate, authentic expedition experience: Discover the planet’s most remarkable places, accompanied by experts able to illuminate all you see, and with cool tools to use to explore up close and personally.


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