Air Transat New Airbus A321neoLR

Designed for with the Vacationer in mind

Book by Dec 31, 2020

The Air Transat Fleet

With the Introduction of 5 new A321neoLR aircraft to their already world class fleet, no matter where you fly you’ll be on vacation the minute you take your seat.  Meet Air Transat new Airbus A321neoLR;


• The new Airbus is the greenest in its class! Burns 15% less fuel, reduces noise by 50% and lower emissions of the greenhouse gas NO2 by 50%


• 199 redesigned seats (12 in Club Class, 187 in Economy Class), roomier and all equipped with new-generation individual touch screens


• Day-to-night blue mood lighting to help passengers relax and reduce jet lag


• Industry’s widest single-aisle cabin, allowing for more daylight and mobility


Air Quality

Modern airplanes have cabin air filtration systems equipped with HEPA filters. HEPA or high efficiency particulate air filters have similar performance to those used to keep the air clean in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms. These filters are very effective at trapping microscopic particles as small as bacteria and viruses.


HEPA filters are effective at capturing greater than 99 percent of the airborne microbes in the filtered air. Filtered, recirculated air provides higher cabin humidity levels and lower particulate levels than 100% outside air systems.

Terms & Conditions

Speak to your Vision Travel Advisor for more information on Air Trasant new Airbus.


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